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What our clients say (from our Guest Book)

"If it wasn't for The Swedish Garage, Inc. Our vacation would have been ruined!!! We were driving my wife's parent's Saab 9-3 convertible from New Haven, CT to Venice, FL when the A/C compressor decided to seize up, snap the serpentine belt which in turn made us lose the cooling system, power steering, alternator, etc. Did I mention this happened at 1 PM on a Friday afternoon? We are truly lucky that this happened as soon as we entered Charlotte. We Google'd Saab repair shops and found The Swedish Garage, Inc. We had the car towed in by 2PM on a Friday and they made it their goal to get us back on the road safely by the end of the day. Russ and Cathy are great people who offer great service at an affordable price. The garage was so clean that you can literally eat off of the floors! Thank you so much for getting us back on the road. You could have turned us away on a Friday afternoon, instead you brought us in, fixed our car, and treated us like family! It was a real pleasure to meet you, I would recommend you guys to everyone and anyone with a Saab or Mini Cooper.."

Lev Mayzler, New Haven CT

"Hi guys......just wanted to thank you for fixing the alternator on my son Chris's yesterday. Seems to be running well now."

Barry, Charlotte, NC

"My name is Yarvis Torres, I'm a 46 year old concerned father who was on vacation when I thought I heard metal on metal rubbing from my 2010 9-3 XWD brakes. I happened to email Jamie and the crew at TSG and Jamie was kind enough to call me as soon as he could. After speaking with him he told me to bring the car in knowing I was on vacation and on limited time. He took my car in and lo and behold told me that there was NOTHING wrong with my brakes! How is this for honest? I am an untrusting New Yorker and ALWAYS feel I'm going to get abused or taken advantage of, but not the case here at all! His shop is one of, if NOT the cleanest shop I have ever seen for automobiles. Everyone there made me feel comfortable and I was prepared to spend a few bucks, but guess what? Jamie found nothing wrong and therefore didn't charge me a cent! Honesty and integrity like this comes few and far between. Jamie, I thank you, your Mother and your crew once again for one of the BEST indy shop experiences I have ever had with one of my cars or bikes! I hope to see you again when I finally make the move down south and am glad to know you and your shop exist for us Saab lovers. "

Yarvis Torres

"Well, I just bought another Saab, this time my mom's 1989 Saab 900, so I'm back in the Swedish Garage family! Although I'm not happy that I am having some fuel system issues, I am glad that it will be going to the trusted professionals at the Swedish Garage. "

Kessiah Young Charlotte, N.C.

"On september 11th I was working uptown when the terror attacks occurred. I stepped out onto the street and it was gridlock. I knew I wasn't staying at work and I knew I wasn't able to get home. So the next option I came up with was drive to the Swedish Garage. So I drove my 1987 900 over to the Swedish Garage and spent the rest of the day in the comfort and company of the Cleaton family and will never forget how safe I felt and how as everything I ever knew was changing forever I was with people who cared and people I cared bout. Thanks for your friendship and your service."

Ed Garber Charlotte, N.C.

"I was referred to The Swedish Garage by a company that only specializes in Volvo's and Mercedes. After having a terrible experience with another repair shop, we stopped in The Swedish Garage to get an estimate on repairing my 9.5 Saab. We were welcomed when we came in the door. The atmosphere was very friendly. Just from describing the problem we were having with the car, we were told what was wrong with the car. I have never felt so welcomed in a repair shop. I feel very confident that they are capable of doing the repairs. And guess what---they have not seen my car yet. I am already sold on doing business with them. The place was very clean, even the parking lot. I would recommend going by just to meet them. After having such a bad day at the other repair shop and not to mention giving my money away for nothing,just talking to them put my mind at ease. We will be taking our car in tomorrow for repairs."

Albertene Colbert Charlotte, N.C.

"Once again the fine folks at Swedish Garage did more than repair our 9-5 Wagon, they REJUVENATED it! It's a 2001 Aero wagon and at 178,000 miles it is once again ready to rock. You guys are wizards, thank you!"

Mark Williams - Charlotte, North Carolina

"My Saab 9-5 broke down in Charlotte,what a disaster until I was towed into The Swedish Garage. Then everything changed, a warm greeting, fast attentive service, fast repair, fair price and I was back on the road. Sounds great yes but it gets better. A family run operation of Saab experts, passionate about the brand, but more passionate to make everyone of their customers feel like family. I watched as Russ greeted his customers by name, informative, friendly and the personality of someone who wakes up every day and can't wait to get to work. I have never ever seen a cleaner more pleasant shop with some of the finest people I ever had the good fortune to meet. Being from 3 hours away who would think you would be treated like a next door neighbor, or a long time customer. To the Swedish Garage I don't think it matters, every customer is treated like they are the only one. I have never had a more pleasurable break down! I may live three hours away, but I will be back. You earned my business, more importantly you earned my respect as a fellow small business owner. This is service. Thank you and continued success, you folks are first class!"

Steve Vineis Wilmington North Carolina

"I recently met Russ and Kathy when they hosted Rivetpalooza I. Finer folks I have yet to meet. First class all the way. Makes me wish I had a Saab."

Don Nichols Frenchburg, KY

"If everyone in Charlotte is like you we are packing up and moving down. My wife was driving my old 9-5 down from Washington DC to visit a friend in town with our 2-year old daughter in the back when the car went into "limp mode" completely freaking her (and me) out. I found you guys on the web and Russ was great on the phone in assuring me that you would be able to slot her in immediately and check things out quickly - which is exactly what happened. What I didn't expect was that it would be for no charge. I'm sending a check for a couple of hundred bucks (what a dealer would have charged to run the codes x2) to the Charlotte chapter of the Red Cross in honor of my heroes at The Swedish Garage.You guys rock."

Tom Mullins, Washington, DC

"Holy Smokes! Another new shop! When did you start working on Lexus as well? We miss the great relationship we had with you, your outstanding service, remarkable attention to detail. We were able to witness your success and growth. Hey to all of the crowd!"

Barney, Frances, Donny, Sam and Paige

"I was in town from NYC and the team was able to see me right away to check out a noise I was hearing. They not only determined that my car was safe to drive back to NYC but didn't even charge me to look at my car. When does that happen? Thanks Guys for the help. If I lived in Charlotte, I wouldn't trust my car to anyone else!!"

Amie Primm, New York, NY

"Many thanks to Russ, Kathy, Shannon and Paul for the outstanding and exceptional customer service yesterday. I am/was a new client yesterday and you were able to accomodate my schedule and work me in the same day. You were highly recommended by another auto repair company and I now know why. I usually dread dealing with auto repair places because I know I am going to be taken advantage of; yesterday changed my mind. You people are honest and made me feel like part of the family. I would highly recommend your company to anybody! "

" PS/Thanks for letting me hang out with Buster."

Allison Ploucha, Charlotte, NC

"Hey Russ, Greetings from Tikrit, Iraq. I just wanted to thank you for taking care of my '02 9-5 Aero while I'm deployed here. It's good to know that it's in the best of hands. See you guys when I get back."

CPT Mark Williams, Tikrit, Iraq

"Thanks so much for working me in today for the battery and oil change. I had never been there before today but the atmosphere and everyone I met made me feel at home- very out of the ordinary for any automobile facility. I appreciate the sound advice and will be back again in the next 30 days for the tires. Thanks again!"

Greg, Charlotte, NC

"SOoooooooo.. I found my baby on Craig's List - A 1999 9-3 convertible. It ran great..except lots of small things were wrong with it...The great people of Swedish Garage have helped me put this thing back together into a smoothly fully operating, and stable running machine. From parts, to tune-ups, to repairs, to tires, and more than 1 diagnosis - every visit pulls through. I love this place!"

From Spain - Jorge

"To everyone at the SG - thanks for always, ALWAYS taking care of our Saabs! You guys are awesome!"

Gary and Erin, Charlotte, NC

"Great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Awesome annual customer appreciation party!"

The KAZ, Charlotte, NC

"Man! The new web site is EXCELLENT! You have an amazing staff and shop so I'm glad everyone can learn about the Swedish Garage on the web!"

Mark Williams, Charlotte, NC

"Hey y'all, the new site looks great! You did a great job, Jamie!"

Shannon Cleaton, Charlotte, NC

"My 1995 900 has 273,000 and is still running great thanks to The Swedish Garage."

Gene Schlaman, Charlotte, NC

"I heard about the Swedish Garage via a colleague. After my first visit to the garage I immediately went and thanked him. What a relief to find a place that appreciates Saab's and provides excellent service for them, after four years of substandard work by independant mechanics (and the dealership!). Thanks guys!!!"

Erik Rosenwood, Charlotte, NC

"I have always bragged about the Swedish Garage to my family. Recently they got to share the Swedish Garage experience themselves when suffering car troubles on a trip to the mountains. Needless to say they were very impressed with the workmanship, honestly, and clean new facility. If the Swedish Garage worked on Yugos I might consider getting one! That won't happen though cause Russ LOVES Saabs."

Spencer Swindler, Charlotte, NC

"Thank you Swedish Garage Family!! As a college student it is not easy to take care of a car and it's upkeep. Russ and his crew have always been helpful in keeping the work within my budget. They are honest and tell me what needs the most attention. I have never been to a better run garage. If you want a friendly atmosphere, then take your Saab there. Kathy and Jenny will have you laughing while you car is getting fixed. I love the service and most of all I love the way my baby runs as I drive off. Thank you guys for your wonderful work and friendly smiles."

Ashley Newton, Rock Hill, SC

"Russ and Kathy- Was a pleasure making your aquaintance in Cozumel this past week...Jessica and I didn't get a chance to wish you guys a safe trip back to NC, but I figured I'd hop online and see your website firsthand...impressive! Good luck with the business, and hopefully get to see you again in the future south of the border (at the Paradisus!) Take care..."

Michael Davoli, Port Jefferson, NY

"Congratulations on the web site! What else would I be doing at this hour on a weekday night but surfing the Swedish Garage website! Look out, "we're" coming in this week for some maintenance. I love my '92 9000 5-door . . . wish Saab would make some more! 170K and still going strong. Can't wait for my new Saab in 2006 (when the last kid graduates from college!) Maybe the concept car will come out early. Thanks for your dependable and quick service. And, for the rides to work. Some of my best laughs have been with Kathy when she drops me off or picks me up. Maybe some day you can publish your "Saab" stories."

Terry Hunter, Davidson, NC

"WOW!! A terrific garage! You guys have saved me from SO many jams by promptly repairing my beat up Saab. I'm so grateful I found you and have had the chance to meet you all. Truly great people! Next time I'm in Charlotte, I'll stop by to say hey. Take care!"

Mary Beth Ott, Marietta, OH

"Owned a '91 Saab 900 Conv for around three years - took a friend's advice(Scott Swindler) to take it to the Swedish Garage for repairs - and am extremely happy with the service I receive. Russ knows those Saab's - and everyone's super friendly! Jenny's also wheeled me around when I needed...Service the way it oughta be... Thanks!"

Will Seabrook, Charlotte, NC

"G'day! I just wanted to say that the site still works from down under. Sydney's great and I should see you blokes when I see ya. Cheers!"

Jamie, Sydney, Australia

"Just wanted to drop a line from the South Island. I've been here a few hours and have seen only one Saab. Oh well, maybe not a suitable location for a shop but it's nice anyway. Cheers!"

Jamie Picton, New Zealand

"It is so obvious that Russ knows Saabs like no other. When his daugter drove me to work after dropping my car off at the shop, her car had over 400,000 miles on it, I knew my car was in great hands. Thank you for staying late that afternoon so I could pick up my car the same day. Maybe you can work on my VW as well."

Steven Lip, Charlotte, NC

"Knock on wood, my 9-3 seems to be over its problems. Thank you for keeping it in near-new condition. Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2009 so far. I will see you in March to get my oil changed and to help you drink a cup or 5 of coffee."

Spencer Swindler, Charlotte, NC

"The Swedish Garage ROCKS!!! If you live anywhere near charlotte... even NC, bring your Saab to Russ and his crew... they'll take care of you. They're friendly and honest, a notch above other shops i've been to. The best part is... their work and reputation sells itself... the way they make you feel at home is an ADDED bonus! They'll even give you a lift to work and back to the shop if you're uptown! Enjoyed meeting you guys, keep up the great work!!!"

Greg Barnes, Charlotte, NC

"Great site. Been bringing my '89 900T to the Swedish Garage since they first opened. I was immediately impressed with Russ and Kathy. It's not everyday you find a great mechanic that treats you like family. I just passed 295K and wouldn't trust my Saab to anyone else."

Gary Patterson, Concord, NC

"I love my car-finding a good/reliable mechanic can be a pain. Hopefully my email I sent wasn't to burdensome."

Maurice Shane, Sr., Washington, DC

"Think about your first time...thanks Russ and Cathy!!I didn't know what to do or where to turn for something that was innate it seems to Russ and Crew...The comfort level and down right hospitality is unmeasurable...I have been in Sales for years and they are right..."people do business with people they like"...I love you all..Can't wait till the next time...your professionalism and knowledge was like a dream come true...I want more and more Saabs in my home ...Thanks for making this a good experience for me and my family"

Iris and Moffatte, Gastonia, NC

"Everyone at the Swedish Garage is wonderful. I have been bringing my car to you for 2 1/2 years, and I am always completely satisfied. You treat me like part of the family. Thanks for your dedication and excellent service!"

Mac Clubb, Charlotte, NC

"My wife just saw the new Swedish Garage Plate on the front of my car and agrees with me that it is both "cool" and "very European-looking". That's high praise from a ricemobile driver. I'm happy to provide some free publicity for a shop and a group of people that have treated me so well. "

Gary Ledbetter, Monroe, NC

"How you say party in Swedish? THE SWEDISH GARAGE! What a blow-out! And what a collection of Saabs and owners. I would say there is sufficient interest in a Charlotte-area Saab Owner's Group. Thank you Jenny for all your hard work. Looking forward to getting Saab fanatics together again. You all ROCK!!!!"

Brian Weyeneth, Charlotte, NC

" Russ and the staff at The Swedish Garage are wonderful. I recently was in need of some speedy repairs and the shop I had been going to was unable to get my car in. I called Russ and not only did he quickly fix my car, he took the time to look at other problems that I had been having. I've found my new repair shop and as long as I own a Saab, the only place I'll take it to is The Swedish Garage. Thanks Russ."

Jeff Vanhoozier, Charlotte, NC

"This is a wonderful shop, and you have my business as long as I have my Saab."

Brad Renfroe, Charlotte, NC

"You guys at TSG are great! Thanks for all your early support in helping me get a Saab Owners Group formed in the Charlotte area. Looking forward to March 1st!"

Brian Weyeneth, Charlotte, NC

"The Swedish Garage has always treated me and my Saab right! Keep up the great work."

John Yochim, Charlotte, NC

"You guys at TSG are great! Thanks for all your early support in helping me get a Saab Owners Group formed in the Charlotte area. Looking forward to March 1st!"

Brian Weyeneth, Charlotte, NC

"The Swedish Garage is the absolute best! When you are there you feel like family. The first time I met Russ, I was with my dad picking up my mom's Saab. I couldn't help but notice then that he LOOKED JUST LIKE MEL GIBSON! I would never let anyone else ever work on my Saab! EVER! These are good people! STEER CLEAR OF OTHER Saab SHOPS. TAKE YOUR Saab TO THE BEST AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS."

Kessiah Young, Hickory, NC

"Several years ago my daughter and I had some time to kill as my sons flight was delayed so we took his Saab for a tour of Charlotte. As we were cruising through downtown smoke started billowing out of the engine. People were waving us over but there was no place to stop. We ended up on Tryon Street at a garage for foreign cars. They told us about Russ. I ran the block away and Russ dropped what he was doing and came to see what he could do. We ended up pushing the car to his shop where it had a much needed overhaul and they arranged a ride to the airport for my daughter and myself. We have always laughed about how the car found Russ. Suffice it to say, when it needs attentiion we make the 1 1/2 hour drive to Charlotte, where the car gets fantastic service, in the new shop, and we get a great visit with a very special family. And did I mention, we like them so much we got a second Saab because we know we can get great service and a truely fun visit all at once! All the best to you in the ultra new shop and thanks for so much."

Leslie Heintzberger, Rutherfordton, NC

"Wow!!! I recently bought my first Saab (an '87 900 S Turbo) and love the car!!! Even more amazing was my first experience with the Swedish garage. I took the car to the Russ and co. at the reccommendation of the previous owner. To say that my experience was "incredible" would be an understatement. Russ really knows Saabs, his knowledge seems to be limitless. Even more importantly, Russ knows people. He was careful about explaining every detail of the work that was done. He takes time to go over the bill and wants you to know your car. Prior to my experience, I had come to the conclusion that taking the car to the garage was worse than having teeth pulled. I will continue to own Saabs as long as Russ is in business. What a great experience! Keep up the good work Russ!"

Jeff Williams, Charlotte, NC

"I think Saab should give these guys honorary Ph.d.'s"

Charlotte, USA

"What a great place! They took terrific care of my car while I had coffee and shot the breeze in the office. This kind of personal service doesn't exist elsewhere. My car was done quickly - but I could have hung out there all day. "

Andy Dominianni, Charlotte, NC

"Russ Cleaton Rocks "

Joshua Levenson, Charlotte, NC

"We would like to thank everybody for visiting our site. Ed Garber has done just a super job of single-handedly putting this thing together and if it wasn't for him, there would not have been one. We are proud to have Dennis come aboard, he is a first-class guy, and a freind who has actually shown me a lot about Saabs. We really feel fortunate to have the caliber of people that have come with us, they are top-notch!! Thanks everybody!!!"

Russ and Kathy Cleaton, Charlotte, NC

"I just wanted to say that I think Dennis Bennett is the greastest Saab Tech out there and you have a real winner. Now I am probably a little prejudice! Love you Den!"

Pam Bennett, Indian Trial, NC

"Russ, Mike and everyone - Thanks for going way beyond the call of duty. You guys saw my tricky repair problem through to a successful conclusion, and the car is running GREAT! I appreciate it and I'm looking forward to pulling off the dealer tag on the front of my 900 and replacing it with one of yours ( so I guess you better go ahead and order some)."

Mark Williams

"Just picked-up my car from my first service with Russ, et al. Great experience."

R. Lovett

"'89 Saab. I am eternally grateful; you probably do know what it means to me to have this car up and running. By the way, Joe had one of his best days in a long time re-connecting with all of you. Thanks."

Carolyn Connell

" With three Saabs in the family fleet, The Swedish Garage has been a great support to me over the years. It's terrific to have Dennis join with Mike and Harry to give Russ and Cathy the best tech team in the entire world of Saab. We are very lucky to have such a dedicated and honest provider of this important service to all Saab lovers in the area. I look forward to many more years of your great work."

Charlie Daul, Matthews, NC

"I saw (on the Internet). I went. I am pleased, very pleased find a great place to maintain my car."

Larry Bowden, Charlotte, NC

"I sell pre-owned Saab 900 Convertibles, and trust the knowledge and integrity of the guys at the Swedish Garage to service them right... the first time!! "

Gene Pitzer, Charlotte, NC

"Had my first experience with The Swedish Garage. I really enjoyed dealing with everyone there. The work is great, the service is excellant. One disappointment, I can't take my other cars there for repair, only the Saab. Lucky car. "

Steve Schachter, Charlotte NC

"I just want to say a BIG Thank you to Jamie at the garage. I was having an issue with my Tire Pressure System and he took the car right away, looked at it and told me not to worry about it. He had reset the system so that now it is working properly. When it was time to check out, I asked how much for the service and with a smile on his face, said Nothing. If this had went back to the dealership, there woudld have been that charge for them to look at it, take the better part of a day and I am sure they would have sold me something that I did not need. I am just blow away with the service level this place has to offer. Every time I come in for something big or small, I always feel like I am there only focus!!! I wish more places took on this approach with customers. Keep it up guys! I am totally hooked and sold now. "

James Taylor, Charlotte NC

"Happy New Year!! The site looks great from just off the coast of St. Kitts. Hope to see you soon, not too soon."

Jamie and Shannon

"We love "our" Swedish Garage's new website and have the Party date written in ink!"

Melissa Oehme, Charlotte, NC

"I just want to tell you and the company Merry Christmas and a properous New Year. From the Sands of Iraq"

Anthony Eubanks, Iraq

"Thanks for doing a wonderful job on our Saab. I was glad to receive quality service at a fair price. When I came in for the first time, I was treated like family. They even offered to show me what was wrong with the car to help me understand they are on the up and up. I will definately bring my car back here again. I hope to make my next car a Saab knowing that they will take great care of it for years to come!"

Daniel Coulter, Charlotte, NC

"More than 500,000 miles. Eight different Saabs, from a slow '85 to a 2005 Aero, with several other Saabs in between. All of the service for that half million miles my family and I drove has been at the Swedish Garage. Russ Cleaton worked on my first Saab in 1985. He, and the Swedish Garage, have maintained all my Saabs (other than warranty) for over 25 years. Saab USA contacted me when I bought my most recent Saab, because I am considered by them a loyal Saab owner. I told them I would not have purchased another Saab had the Swedish Garage not been here to care for my car. My belief is that even the factory folks know that we buy Saabs for the long run. The Swedish Garage makes the long term possible. They are also a lot of fun to hang around with."

Chip Clark, Charlotte, NC

"It has been truly a pleasure getting to know everyone at the Swedish Garage as well as helping you find your new state of the art facility..It has been fun to watch the place being transformed into one of the best repair facilities in the country."

Marty McLaughlin, Charlotte, NC

"I have enjoyed working with the "Swedish Garage crew" for a while now. Russ,Jamie,etc are two class acts.They have been great customers of ours for years,and has been a pleasure working with them.. Can't so enough good things about them."

Jason, Charlotte, NC

"Proud 9.5 owners, enjoying our life in Sun City (Indian Land, SC). We are looking forward to your April "Saab Owner" party."

Jack and Donnis Padgett, Sun City, SC

"When my wife needed a new car, we bought a Saab 9-5 Wagon just so we could get our car serviced at the Swedish Garage. I never would have believed I would choose a car based primarily on where I can get it serviced, but the Swedish Garage is really that great."

Andrew Diamond, Charlotte NC

"Dad has been taking care of all of my Saabs since I was 16 and does a great job. He has kept me on the go for over 15 years now. Thanks Dad for all you do."

Jennifer Cleaton, Gastonia NC

"Great website! Best of luck at the new location. I've enjoyed coming to "hang-out" for a few years now. It's always an entertaining visit! It gives me an excuse to drive a Saab. "Hey, you like Earnhardt?" has become Aiden's favorite saying"

Amy Gorman, Charlotte NC

"Thanks for the great, friendly service! From the owners, to the mechanics, to the office staff, you guys are the best."

Tom Handy, Charlotte NC

"Nice job on site! After ten years, the best repair shop in the region! Unheard of!"

Bruce Werder, Charlotte NC

"Swedish Garage is the best experience I've had for auto repair and maintenance. The staff makes you feel like you're part of their family. Everything is top notch-Customer service, professionalism, reliability and honesty. They are simply the best!!"

John and Sharon Howard, Charlotte NC

"I've had the folks at the Swedish Garage take care of my Saabs for almost 10 years and always come away feeling like someone else cares for my cars like I do. The biggest thing for me is I can TRUST what they tell me and know that they're looking out for my best interest. Keep it up Guys!!! As long as you're around, I'm driving Saabs!!!"

Henry Hester Charlotte, NC

"What can I say? I happily own 2 Saabs (2001 9-5 SE and 2003 9.5 Linear) and as long as I do, you guys will continue to care for them just like they are your own cars. Why would anyone consider taking their care anywhere else for service and satisfaction like you guys deliver? I am proud to sport my white SG badges on my sedans. On behalf of Trollhattan Performance Group, we thank you! See you next Friday eve and hey to my boys with Special Purpose!"

Brian Weyeneth Charlotte, NC

"I recently acquired an '03 Saab 9-5 over the Internet. Whenever you purchase a pre-owned vehicle there are always a couple of items that will need immediate attention. In my case it was my bi-xenon lighting system. Changing a bulb is not a big thing but the Saab manual suggests letting a dealer work with the bi-xenon system. I called around town for quotes on bulbs and labor and was shocked at what I heard. It was not until I spoke with the Swedish Garage that I got someone who spoke honestly about what might needed to be done. Bottom line... the Swedish Garage fixed my lighting system and only charged for the price of the parts which was considerably less than what others quoted. The Swedish Garage didn't charge any labor as they admitted it didn't take long to change out the bulbs. I live in Atlanta but work in Charlotte and following my experience at the Swedish Garage they have earned my business for all future maintenance. While I have many choices for qualifed Saab garages in Atlanta I know I couldn't find more honest and knowledgable folks that those at the Swedish Garage."

A happy customer, Steve Atlanta, GA

"Hey. I visit your site a little bit and i must say it was terrific. Fantastic information about Saab."

I-Grenander Skene SWEDEN

" Service can't be beat and the friendly people at the SG make everyone feel like a part of their extended family. Dealing with this group will make Saab drivers a Saab driver for life! Can't get that feeling from the other garages anywhere. Qitqat....Panther's no.1 fan"

Kim Brechtel, Rock Hill, SC

"I just wanted to say you have a great page! I really enjoyed reading about the history of Saabs. I have owned Saabs for the past 20 years and this is the first time I have seen the history of them. Thanks!"

Rion King Norfolk, NE

"Just moved back to my hometown and what a welcome! Thanks Russ for looking at my 9-3 and what a relief. I'll definitely be back!."

Ed Kuhn, Charlotte, NC USA

"Tanks alot Mulberry fer fixing my bad gas problem on both Saabs... can't wait to sink my chops into some swedish burgers. "

Bob Hubbard, Charlotte , NC

"Hey, Russ Kathy and the gang. Well I sit in my office looking at a snow covered Saab 9000. Just doesn't seem fair to let it stay sitting when there is lots of swedish sugar to be running out in. If only Charlotte could clear some streets better we could have a small parade of Saab loyalists going down Tryon Street. Will be back soon for an update and for a tune up. "

Brett Kimball, Charlotte, NC

"Hi, everyone. Mark and I made it safely back to Asheville last night after his long grazy trip from Sweden. Thanks again for for staying late and all pitching in to replace those pulleys and the belt... it turned what could have been a lousy day into one full o' good karma! Or car-ma? You all are the best!"

Rick, Asheville, NC

"Hey Everybody. We're here on the Voyager of the Seas working on our tans and headed for beautiful Haiti! Tomorrow we make our first stop. We are one of 157 honeymooning couples!! On our plane, our entire row was married the day before (6 people). We just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying the sun and drinks and hope you are doing the same. The site looks great from the high seas. Later."

Jamie and Shannon, High Seas, Haiti

"Russ, man the web page looks about as good as you do crossing the finish line in first! Even got good cheap shirts!!! Anyways just wanted to drop a line and check out the website."

Blake Thompson, Charlotte, NC

"Great 2nd Annual Saab Party! What a great way to treat your customers. Great caring service, with a smile, and an annual party for your customers! It's real hard to find a mechanic that loves the cars that he works on, much less an entire family that feels the same way! May you guys have many wonderful years in business!"

William O Green, York, SC

"Am a new kid in town and got ur web site from Saab Club NA, all those notes of praise are encourging !! Need to find a good Saab guy down here, without having to go a hundred miles. Drive safe and keep it under 100 !!!"

Charley Cranna, Morehead City, NC

"My 1996 Saab® 9000 Hatchback runs like new again. I'm happy with it and the attention you've given it. Thanks for being so patient and willing to explain it all to me."

Laurie, Charlotte, NC

"Russ & company helped me out with a used car inspection on short notice. His attention, enthusiasm, and insight made me feel much better about my purchase. Great people with great service - a rarity these days. Thanks again!"

Shawn Peters, Cary, NC

" The winter here in charlotte has been pretty rough as of late, too bad my car died in early october. Took it down to the swedish garage and russ just went at it and did a fantastic job or ressurecting the old girl. Great place to go and talk to people who love Saabs. If you want to know how to trick out a Saab ask russ about it and he can point you in the right direction. See you guys soon."

Carl Hernandez, Charlotte, NC

"My Saab loves all the attention Russ, his family, and the staff give it! Russ always takes time to go way beyond the usual service. He treats every Saab as if it were his own!"

Larry B, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for such a good Saab site. I love my Saab 9-5 SE Estate. In these days we have a temperature of -37'Celcius. And my car works perfectly. No freezing. Starts without problems. It is a car for Arctic Temperatures. Many other cars f.ex. Toyota, Nissan, Ford, + + Are having serious trouble getting started. The best thing of all.... The heater inside the car keeps me warm even in such cold temperatures. I drive my car in only my T-shirt in -37'c Drive safe..... "

Geir Rune Hansen, Tana, Norway

"Russ, Thanks for taking care of me an my 93. You and your family are wonderful. Great service!!!"

Hunter Fleshood, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for taking such good care of Sylvia, my 1992 Saab 900S Convertible. I don't know that she would have ever have been the same but for the great job you guys did. She's getting put out to pasture now, but if she should have another problem I know where she is coming."

Matthew, Rock Hill, SC

"Hey Russ, Kathy and everyone...It took me selling my 88 Saab 900 last year and getting a Jeep Wrangler to realize that I am a Saab person at heart. The Jeep is great, ...but there's just something about a Saab! I plan on getting another soon and will be sure to have Swedish Garage check it out for me. Thanks!"

Kessiah Young, Hickory, NC

"Look at me - rollin my S P G. Eat my dust - It's Swedish Garage or bust."

Fast Eddie, Charlotte, NC

"They got my Nebraska 9000 back on the road. The Swedish Garage is THE place to bring your Saab."

Martin Carlson, Tega Cay, SC

"Thanks for leaving your card on our mirror at Kohl's last weekend. We just bought our 1999 9-5 SE three weeks ago. My wife is from Sweden and she fell in love with the car at first sight. We plan on coming in for an oil change at the Swedish Garage soon."

The Klemack's, Huntersville, NC

"Hola from Cozumel, Mexico. The site looks great from here too. This place is nothing like home at the Swedish Garage. Having a great time. Wish you were here."

Jenny and Jonathan, Cozumel, Mexico

"Thanks for quick turn on head gasket / timing chain job!"

Matthew Burke, Charlotte, NC

"Hi Russ, Just writing to say thanks for the great service on my '87 900S this summer. Thought you like to know that it ran absolutely perfectly on my 3476 mile trip across the country. It now has 144 k miles on the odometer. I crossed two or three deserts (can't really remember), several mountain passes (the highest, Lizard Head near Durango, was just over 10,000 ft) and one Great Plains and no problems at all. The car was loaded with everything I own, plus two bikes and a 17 foot kayak on top, but still it had plenty of power to get through the mountains. Pretty amazing, huh? What a great car. She's now getting some well-deserved rest here in Portland. Thanks again for the great service, wish there was a shop here in town like yours!!"

Michael Hosking, Portland, OR

"Thanks for your thought on selling my car. (I love my car!) Congrats again on your new location. Great to see you all!"

Linda Dru Catlin, Seabrook Island, SC

"I didn't know what I was missing till I brought my car over to Russ and family. My 900 Turbo Convertable was welcomed to the Swedish Garage like a long lost loved one. They are second to none."

Michael Clark, Charlotte, NC

"I took a used Saab to SG for inspection, and was very impressed by the staff's attention to detail, ability to answer questions, and general knowledge of the vehicle. However, the best part of my visit was the customer service- Russ, Kathy, and Jennifer are knowledgeable, accessible, and professional individuals. Much appreciation for the service and help in making my decision. "

Rick Oppedisano, Charlotte, NC

"Great service, knowledgable staff, excellent sense of humor! Thanks."

Norman Robinson, Mooresville, NC

"The Swedish Garage is a great place to bring your Saab. The guys are great. Russ is a good man, and a good friend."

Terry Hanypsiak

"Great garage and great neighbors, really appreciate all the advice"

Dave Johnson, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for the great service."

Bob Hubbard, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for such great service! Car maintenance is relatively a breeze these days since I've been going to your garage. One of these days, my husband will meet you all so he doesn't have to just hear me talk about you. Enjoy your summer!"

Janet Edsell, Denver, NC

"The Swedish Garage is the greatest place to go if you own a Saab. Russ and the gang are the BEST!"

Angelina, Forest City, NC

"The Swedish Garage provides a professional, and yet, personal service to those of us who choose to drive a Saab. I look forward to driving my car now that I have experience with and confidence in the people whose knowledge, skills, and abilities put me back on the road. Thank you. "

Shirley Entwistle, Charlotte, NC

"This place is the BEST! The team there is trustworthy, did an excellent job estimating and completing all the repairs. Saved us lots of money fixing our convertible motor. This is our first Saab and boy am I happy to have the peace of mind that the Swedish Garage cares as much about my car as I do. Thanks everyone!!"

Paul Haynes, Charlotte, NC

"Hello I was in your shop a month ago you gave me some very helpful information about an SPG Saab.Thank you very much."

Charlie Fuller, Charlotte, NC

"Greatly appreciative of ultra-professional care for the beloved Saabs"

Mike Opatowsky, Rock Hill, SC

"It's very rare to find a repair shop with such incredible service! I was extremely impressed with the amount of attention that was given to me and my Saab. The staff was very friendly and my car was ready the day after I dropped it off. If you are looking for friendly service, knowledgable staff, and high quality work performed in a timely manner this is the place to go! A huge thanks to Russ and his Family for all theιr help."

Davin and Melissa Harnois, Salt Lake City, UT

"No, Saab stories to tell, when these guys work on my Saab...great service...great team...thanks"

Jerome Johnson, Charlotte, NC

"I've never felt more comfortable with a garage. The service is great, the advice is straight up, this is the place for your Saab!"

Gary Ledbetter, Monroe, NC

"I received EXCELLENT service from you guys. In the past I would rather go to the dentist than visit a mechanic. The Swedish Garage really changed my feelings about that one. You made the ordeal very plesant when I had some troubles with my Saab. Other places should take a hint from your great customer service! Thanks"

Chris Eubanks, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for all of your help Russ. I really appreciate your honest opinion."

Hal Outen, Rock Hill , SC

"Service: EXCELLENT! ; Mechanical expertise: EXCELLENT! ; Work ethic: EXCELLENT! ; Need I say any more???? You may want to get to know these guys on a personal level because they really know how to party....believe it or not they still have plenty of brain cells in reserve to do the very best job on your Saab!"

Kent Scrivener, San Francisco, CA

"Thanx again for the help again, and for the nice Christmas card. Happy Anniversary, too. And thanx for the honest advice, Russ."

Michael Peck, Concord, NC

"The best prices and the best Saab mechanics in town are just the beginning at the Swedish Garage. It's the service that makes it so wonderful. Russ listens to his customers to understand what the problem is and then recommends the most cost effective solution. Over the years, Russ has saved me several thousands of dollars in repairs by simply tightening a bolt here and rotating the tires there. And when a critical item needs fixing, Russ will tell me my options. That's why I have taken my three Saabs to the Swedish Garage. I'm confident my cars get *exactly* the work they less. Which assures me that my family (and my wallet!) are safe."

Kevin Carney, Charlotte, NC

"The only place I will take my '94 900 convertible is the Swedish Garage. "

Chip Hunter, Charlotte, NC

" In my search for help with a problem with my '98-900s, I found your site and made the call. Boy was I impressed.All I spoke to have a true customer service quality.Excellent web site, clean and easy to find what you need. Have you in my favorites and next time I'm traveling through Charlotte, I plan to stop by and see the crew. Thank you again for helping me. "

Charles Hamons Jr., Summerville, SC